UA - University of Agriculture Admission 2018

Faisalabad - Punjab

Faisalabad city is a vital city of Pakistan and contributes immensely in supporting the economy of the country. It is considered to be an industrial city as the city is enriched with large and famous industries. These industries provide large job opportunities to the citizens of Pakistan. In order to support these contributors of economy it is necessary that the younger generation is provided with adequate resources in the education field. Analyzing all these factors a very prominent institute known by the name of university of agriculture was designed. It was established in 1961 and recently it has celebrated the 50th year of its success.

Affiliated College

University of agriculture has various schools that come under this large organization and are carrying out their operations in different fields and departments. These schools include national institute for food sciences and technology, horticultural sciences, soil and environmental sciences, agricultural and resource economics, animal nutrition and feed technology and business management studies.

Programs and Courses

University of agriculture offers undergraduate, post graduate, internship programs and short courses for students who seek higher education. The university offers undergraduate programs under following subjects:
Agronomy, Animal Sciences, Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Economics, Institute of Horticultural Sciences, Institute of Soil & Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Wildlife & Range Management, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Entomology, Marketing & Agribusiness, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Institute of Food Science & Technology. The university also provided students with undergraduate and postgraduate programs in such fields. The university offers the students with facilities of hostel, library and playing grounds. The faculty of this institute is equipped with highly professional and trained staff.
The university has following faculties that include: Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Veterinary Science
Departments of faculties:
Faculty of Agriculture has following departments:
Agronomy, Plant Breeding & Genetics, Plant Pathology, Crop Physiology, Forestry, Range Management & Wild Life and Agri. Entomology.
Faculty of Veterinary Science has following departments:
Parasitology, Theriogenology, Clinical Medicine & Surgery, Pathology, Physiology & Pharmacology and Anatomy.
Faculty of Sciences has following departments:
Zoology and Fisheries, Botany, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Islamic Studies, Social Sciences & Humanities, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computer Science
Faculty of Animal Husbandry has following departments:
Animal Breeding & Genetics, Livestock Management and Poultry Science.
Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology has following departments:
Farm Machinery and Power, Structures & Environmental Engineering, Irrigation & Drainage and Fiber and Textile Technology.,Faculty of Social Sciences has following departments: Department of Continuing Education
BSc agriculture,BSc engineering,BSc computer science,BBA,MSc MBA

Admission Procedure 2018 - 2019

Entry tests are conducted by the university at its own level. These entry tests can be applicable on various departments that come under this institute. Moreover some departments also conduct their own entry test. Students who perform well in the entry test and have excellent academic record in the past are eligible for the admission.

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