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SSE Test

SSE Admission test comprises of a mix of MCQ of Mathematics and other relavent subjects. Based on concepts of prevailing courses in Pakistan.

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Mathematics is compulsory for all categories.
Math questions seem quite different for F.Sc. students. Actually, questions are based on general concepts they have acquired over a period during their studies at college. A prospect test taker may start his preparation for SSE from SAT Mathematics I-C. The book for SAT mathematics I-C is available in the market. The book provides a staedy start for the section preparation. After, the student goes through the book, he should move towards SAT Mathematic II-C.
A 'Level students may start their preparation right from SAT Mathematics II-C.
Many topics in SAT Mathematics II-C are not covered in prevailing syllabi in Pakistan. The students should not worry about them. They can understand these topics by reading some subject books or by having coaching through some test praparatory institutions.

Advance Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

The questions in these sections are not limited to the F.Sc. or A 'Level course parameters. They are based on the topic concepts which the students in Pakistan have acquired over a long period during their studies but the meethods to solve such questions are quite different and logical. No single book can help you to prepare SSE subject section. You can buy SAT II Physics, Chemistry, or Biology from the market initially.
Truly speaking, these books are not effective in the preparatiion of SSE test. After observing local books available in the market, we found books - MCAT-AKU, MCAT-Smart Brain Series, ECAT-Smart Brain Series written by Muhammad Idrees (Teacher at College of Admission Tests, Multan Website: www.cat.edu.pk which contains questions meeting the level and nature of MCQs that normally appear in the SSE. We can say that College of Admission Tests can be suitable institution to guide you. You can download sample questiion sets to observe the type of questions.

Preaparation Plan

1- Revise your text books
2- Slove Pure MCQs Past Papers of A 'Level By Red Spot.
3- Solve at least 5 Sample Papers of each subject by purchasing from College of Admission Tests, Multan.
Optimize your quantitative skill You can joint some institution having optimal SSE resources in your vicinity.

Foreign applicants

Foreign applicants who cannot make it to the SSE Admissions Test, are required to take the SAT Reasoning Test, and three out of the following four SAT II Subject Tests:
  • Biology-M
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics II-C
  • Physics
Please make sure that your official SAT score reports are sent to us before February 25, 2009. The college code for LUMS School of Science and Engineering is 5788. For more information visit LUMS oficial website.

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