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Study Medical Sciences (MBBS)

To become a doctor is an aspiration of a large number of students. Each year not less than 30000 students attempt MCAT - a mendatory test for admission in any Medical school/college.
Many people have dreams of becoming doctors and saving lives, but between you and the career as a medical doctor is a whole lot of rigorous training, there to make sure that you can handle the great responsibility that comes with the job. Requirements vary from country to country, but intense dedication is a mandatory across the board.

Many people have an idea that becoming a doctor is a very difficult task. Others think that becoming a physician takes a long time and its cost is very high. Most people think that being a physician is vey difficult but it is rewarding. All these people are correct. Becoming a physician is a long, arduous, expensive process that can only be accomplished with great dedication and hard work.

No matter what field you go into if being a doctor is on your life path. Know that every minute you spend studying and practicing medicine through school and finally when you are out, you have the potential to save a life of someone you do not know, but will always be eternally grateful.

Top Medical Schools

  • Harvard School of Medical Sciences is the top Medical School in USA and around the globe. It offers a wider range of course ranging from graduate to dcotorate degrees.
  • University of Pennsylvania is the top second school of medicine in USA. Its reputation around the globe is not less than any other school of life sciences.

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