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LCAT- LUMS COMMON Admission Test

LCAT is an aptitude test score of which is an essential factor in the evaluation criteria for selecting a suitable candiadte for admission in various disciplines.

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LUMS Common Admission Test (LCAT)

The LCAT is a three-hour test, primarily multiple-choice, that measures verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities. The LCAT is a multiple-choice test that measures basic verbal and mathematical abilities.

LACT-I Structure

LCAT is an aptitude test comprises of two parts:

Quantitative (Mathematics)

The mathematics content level of the LCAT includes advanced topics.Review concepts and try practice questions for each of the four mathematics content areas:
  • Number and Operations
  • Algebra and Functions
  • Geometry and Measurement
  • Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability


  • An FA/FSc prospect test taker may start his preparation of LCAT quantitative from SAT Mathematics I-C.
  • After having a comprehensive review of SAT Mathematics I-C, the second step is the practice through SAT-I (Reasoning).
  • It is true that difficulty level of LCAT questions is much higer than questions in SAT-I.
  • An A 'Level test taker may start his preparation directly from SAT-I (Reasoning).

Verbal (English)

  • Verbal part of the LCAT comprises of two sections:
  • Sentence Enhancement (English Grammar)
  • Reading Comprehension (Paragraph Reading)


According to LCAT sample test provided by LUMS official website, in LCAT-I the Grammar section is sentence enhancement While in SAT-I it spot the error. Though the base of the two is the same (grammar) but the strategies to solve them is quite different. In Pakistan, no book is available for this section of LCAT. However; you can prepare SAT-I grammar. A set of Senetence Enhancement is available to download


LCAT is compulsory for all applicants except:
  • Foreign nationals/ Overseas Pakistani nationals i.e. Applicants residing in a foreign country and currently studying or having completed their last year of schooling abroad.
  • Applicants residing in Pakistan having more than 2100 score in the new SAT I and with one of the following academic qualifications:
    • O' Levels with 6 A grades
    • Matric with 80% marks and FA 1st year with 70% marks /FSc 1st year with 75% marks
    • American High School Diploma (at least 90%)
Exempted applicants need to take SAT I through College Board , USA before January 24, 2012 in order to be considered for admission. Your scores must be reported to LUMS officially from the testing agency. The scores you list on your application or scores appearing on your school transcript will not be considered official. LUMS SAT code is 0513. We recommend that you list LUMS as a school to receive your scores when you take the test. If you do not, please allow plenty of time for your scores to arrive at LUMS. It takes at least 4 to 6 weeks to receive SAT I scores. It is important that you register for tests with exactly the same name as you have indicated on your application account.

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